How to Make Chemex Coffee: A Beginner’s Tutorial

How to Make Chemex Coffee? Coffee lovers know that there are many ways to brew a perfect cup, but the Chemex method stands out for its unique design and ability to produce clean and flavorful coffee. 

Chemex coffee requires just a few basic elements: hot water, coffee beans, a Chemex coffee maker, and Chemex filters. But to get the ideal coffee-to-water ratio, the right grind size, and the perfect brew time, a bit of expertise is needed. 

In this article, we‘ll guide you through the step-by-step process of making Chemex coffee, from selecting the best coffee beans to achieving the perfect water-to-coffee ratio. We’ll cover everything from the basic brewing method to more advanced techniques, and provide you with several delicious Chemex recipes to try at home. 

Whether you prefer a classic version or want to experiment with different flavors, this guide, created by expert home cooks Alex and Sonja Overhiser, will help you make the ideal cup of Chemex coffee. So, grab your gooseneck kettle, kitchen scale, and hand-blown Chemex, and let’s get started!

chemex coffee

Overview of How To Make Chemex Coffee

Brief history and background of Chemex coffee

Chemex Coffee is a unique brewing method that has been around since 1941 when it was invented by a German chemist named Peter Schlumbohm. 

Schlumbohm was passionate about creating a coffee maker that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. He drew inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, which prioritized clean, minimalist design. The result was the Chemex coffee maker, which consists of an hourglass-shaped glass vessel with a wooden collar and leather tie, and uses a special paper filter to produce a clean, flavorful cup of coffee.

The Chemex coffee maker’s iconic design features an hourglass-shaped glass vessel with a wooden collar and leather tie, creating a visually stunning brewing experience. Additionally, Chemex utilizes a special filter that is thicker and more porous than traditional coffee filters. This unique filter removes more of the coffee oils and sediment, resulting in a clean, smooth cup of coffee that is loved by coffee enthusiasts all over the world.

history of Chemex coffee

Why Chemex coffee is considered a superior brewing method

Chemex coffee is often considered a superior brewing method due to several factors. 

One of the main reasons is the unique filter used in the brewing process, which is thicker and more porous than standard coffee filters. This filter removes more of the coffee oils and sediment, resulting in a cleaner and brighter cup of coffee with less bitterness. 

Additionally, the all-glass construction of the Chemex ensures that no additional flavors are imparted into the coffee, allowing the drinker to fully taste and appreciate the coffee’s flavor profile. The unique hourglass shape of the Chemex also allows for more even extraction, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced cup. 

Overall, Chemex coffee is a great choice for those who prefer a clean, bright flavor profile and appreciate the subtle nuances of the coffee they are drinking.

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chemex brewing method

Benefits Of Making Chemex Coffee At Home

There are several benefits to making Chemex coffee at home. One of the most significant advantages is the capacity of the Chemex. Depending on the size of the device, it can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at a time, making it an excellent choice for large households or entertaining guests. 

Additionally, Chemex coffee is known for its super clean taste, thanks to the special filters used in the brewing process. These filters remove more of the coffee oils and sediment than traditional filters, resulting in a brighter and smoother cup of coffee. 

Another benefit of making Chemex coffee at home is the ability to experiment with different filter options. Chemex offers various filter options, including pre-folded filters, square filters, and even reusable metal filters, allowing you to customize the brewing process to your preferences. 

Overall, making Chemex coffee at home offers a convenient, customizable, and delicious way to enjoy high-quality coffee.

What You Need To Make Chemex Coffee?

To make Chemex coffee, you will need several essential items. The first and most important is the Chemex coffee maker itself. You will also need Chemex filters, which are specially designed to fit the device and produce the best-tasting coffee.

A grinder is also necessary to ensure that your coffee beans are freshly ground before brewing. 

Coffee is, of course, a must-have ingredient, and the quality and type of coffee used will affect the taste of the final product. 

Additionally, hot water just off the boil (about 205°F) is required to brew the coffee properly. 

A scale is useful for measuring out the coffee and water in the correct ratio, while a timer ensures that the brewing process is timed accurately. 

A stir stick is also helpful to ensure that the coffee grounds are evenly distributed during brewing. 

Finally, you will need a mug or cups to serve your delicious Chemex coffee in. With these items on hand, you can enjoy a perfect cup of Chemex coffee every time.

What You Need To Make Chemex Coffee

How To Make Chemex Coffee

The Chemex coffee brewing method requires a few simple steps. Firstly, unfold the coffee filter with the three-fold side facing the spout to prevent it from collapsing into the spout when it gets wet. 

Rinse the filter with hot water to seal it against the glass and remove the paper’s taste. Then discard the rinse water and set up the brewer on a kitchen scale. Next, grind your coffee beans on a medium-coarse setting and add them to the filter. 

After adding your coffee grounds and taring your scale, it’s time to bloom your coffee. This is done by pouring a small amount of hot water over the grounds, just enough to saturate them. Let the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds, which allows for the release of carbon dioxide and enhances the flavor of the coffee.

Next, pour more hot water over the grounds in a circular motion, making sure to saturate all of the coffee. Continue pouring slowly, keeping the water level just below the top of the Chemex, until you have reached your desired amount of coffee. It’s recommended to use a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio, meaning for every gram of coffee, use 16 grams of water.

How To Make A Chemex Coffee

As the water drips through the coffee grounds and filter, you’ll start to see coffee filling the Chemex. This process can take anywhere from 3-5 minutes, depending on the amount of coffee you’re making. 

Once all the water has dripped through the filter and the coffee has finished brewing, remove the filter and discard the grounds. Give the Chemex a quick rinse and it’s ready to use again. 

Overall, making coffee with a Chemex can be a bit more involved than other methods, but the resulting cup of coffee is well worth the effort. With a little practice, you’ll be able to dial in the perfect brew and enjoy the clean, smooth taste of Chemex coffee.

Making Other Kinds Of Coffee In A Chemex

Chemex coffee is not limited to only making traditional coffee. The unique filter design and all-glass construction make it a versatile brewing method that can be used to make other kinds of coffee as well. 

For example, you can use a Chemex to make cold brew coffee by simply adding cold water to the grounds and letting them steep overnight in the refrigerator. 

You can also use a Chemex to make coffee concentrate, which can be used to make iced coffee or other coffee drinks. To make a coffee concentrate, use a higher coffee-to-water ratio and let the coffee steep for a longer period of time. 

You can also try to use a different type of coffee bean, such as a darker roast for a bolder flavor or a lighter roast for a more delicate taste. Another option is to experiment with different brewing ratios, such as using more or less coffee and adjusting the amount of water used. Some people also enjoy adding spices or flavorings to their coffee, such as cinnamon or vanilla extract, to create a personalized taste. 

Overall, the Chemex coffee maker is a great tool for experimentation and allows for creating a wide range of coffee flavors to suit any preference.

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FAQs About How To Make Chemex Coffee

What is the 1 to 16 ratio Chemex?

The 1 to 16 ratio for Chemex refers to the recommended coffee-to-water ratio used when brewing coffee with a Chemex. This ratio is often considered the sweet spot for achieving the perfect cup of coffee, as it balances the strength and flavor of the coffee with the amount of water used. To achieve this ratio, it’s recommended to use 1 gram of coffee for every 16 grams of water, which means that if you’re using 25 grams of coffee, you should use 400 grams of water.


How much coffee do I use for 2 cups of Chemex?

To brew two large cups of Chemex coffee, you’ll want to use approximately 34 grams of coffee grounds and 510 grams of water (or 17.2 oz of water). This follows the recommended 1:15 ratio of coffee to water for the Chemex brewing method. Remember to grind your coffee to a medium-coarse consistency, preheat your Chemex, and use a filter to ensure a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee. Enjoy!

What grind is best for Chemex?

For the best results, a medium coarse grind is recommended for brewing coffee in a Chemex. This grind size allows for optimal extraction and flow rate while brewing the coffee. It’s worth noting that the Chemex can work well with light, medium, and dark roasts, as well as with tea. Experimenting with different grinds and coffee types can help you find your preferred flavor and brewing method.

Is Chemex just filter coffee?

Yes, a Chemex can be considered a type of filter coffee. However, it is more than just a regular coffee dripper as it combines the function of a dripper and a coffee pot. The unique design and shape of the Chemex make it a desirable and distinct object. Additionally, the Chemex uses its own type of paper filter which is much thicker than other filters, resulting in a coffee extraction process that filters out more sediment and impurities.

Why does coffee taste better in a Chemex?

When it comes to brewing coffee, taste is everything. Chemex coffee is known for its clean, smooth, and sweet taste, and there are several reasons for this. First, the thick paper filter used in a Chemex removes more of the unwanted elements found in coffee, resulting in a cleaner taste. Additionally, the unique design of the Chemex allows for a slower brewing process, which allows for a more even extraction of the coffee’s flavor. Lastly, using a paper filter rather than a metal one removes more of the cafestol molecule, which can leave a bitter taste in the coffee. All of these factors work together to create a truly delicious cup of coffee.

What is the difference between Chemex and V60?

The main difference between a Chemex and a V60 is the type of filter used. The Chemex employs a thick filter that eliminates any sediment from the coffee, resulting in a very clear and clean taste. On the other hand, the V60 filter is also efficient in producing a clear brew, but it is thinner and more widely available in stores. Both methods produce great coffee, but the choice between the two often comes down to personal preference and the specific brewing characteristics desired.

How long should Chemex take?

For a Chemex brew, the recommended time for the process is between 3.5 to 4.5 minutes. This time can vary depending on several factors such as the grind size, the water temperature, and the pouring rate. If the brew time is too fast, you might need to use a finer grind or pour slower next time. On the other hand, if the brew is too slow, a coarser grind or a faster pour rate might be needed.

How many scoops are in a Chemex?

When it comes to scoops, Chemex recommends using one heaping tablespoon for every 5 ounces of coffee. This translates to 8 heaping tablespoons or 4 coffee scoops for every 40 ounces of water. However, personal preference may vary, and some may find that using fewer scoops still yields a great cup of coffee. It’s all about experimenting and finding the perfect balance for your taste buds.

What size is Chemex for one person?

If you’re brewing coffee for one person, the ideal size for a Chemex is the 3-cup version. However, if you prefer to brew larger batches or have guests over frequently, the 6-cup or 8-cup size would be more appropriate. The 6-cup Chemex can make 2-3 cups of coffee, while the 8-cup can make 6-8 cups of coffee. Ultimately, the size of the Chemex you choose will depend on your personal preferences and brewing needs.


Can you put Chemex in the fridge?

Yes, you can put Chemex in the fridge. Due to the purity of Chemex brewed coffee, it can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for reheating without losing its flavor. However, it is recommended to consume the coffee within 24 hours of brewing for optimal taste.

Conclusion For How To Make Chemex Coffee

How to Make Chemex Coffee? In conclusion, making Chemex coffee is a simple yet satisfying process that results in a delicious and clean-tasting cup of coffee. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily make a perfect cup of coffee at home that rivals your favorite coffee shop. Remember to use fresh, high-quality coffee beans, a medium-coarse grind, and a scale for accurate measurements. And don’t forget to experiment with different brewing methods and coffee beans to find your perfect cup of Chemex coffee.

We hope this guide has been helpful in teaching you how to make Chemex coffee. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them in the comments section below. And if you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends and neighbors who are also coffee lovers. With a little practice, you can become a master of Chemex and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every morning.

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