How To Make Iced Coffee At Home for A Perfect Refreshment

How to make iced coffee at home? With summer fast approaching, many people are looking for a simple way to enjoy a cold coffee drink. Luckily, there are many ways to make iced coffee at home, whether you prefer a cold brew, a traditional brewing process, or even using instant coffee. All you need is good quality coffee, ice, milk (or creamer), and a bit of sugar or simple syrup for flavor. 

Make Iced Coffee At Home

In this guide, LE DEPANNEUR CAFE will go over some easy recipes and methods for making iced coffee at home, including using a French press, pour-over brewer, or even an Aeropress. So grab a glass and thank us later for these delicious iced coffee drinks that you can enjoy all day long!

What Is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is a popular beverage that is enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. It is a refreshing and cool alternative to hot coffee, especially on a hot summer day. Iced coffee is simply coffee that has been brewed with hot water, then cooled before being served over ice. This brewing process results in a cold and refreshing coffee beverage that is perfect for cooling down and enjoying any time of day. Many coffee shops and cafes offer iced coffee on their menu, and it can also be easily made at home using a variety of brewing methods.

What Is Iced Coffee

How To Make Iced Coffee at Home?


To make iced coffee at home, you will need a few basic ingredients. The first ingredient you will need is good quality coffee, whether it be ground coffee or whole coffee beans. Next, you will need either cold water or hot water that has been allowed to cool. If you prefer a sweeter iced coffee, you may want to add sugar or simple syrup to your recipe. Milk or creamer can also be added for a creamier taste. Finally, ice cubes are essential to cool down the coffee and make it the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day.


When it comes to the nutrition of homemade iced coffee, it largely depends on the ingredients and add-ins you choose. Black coffee, for example, is virtually calorie-free, but adding sugar, cream, or flavored syrups can quickly increase the calorie count. Non-dairy milk alternatives like almond milk or oat milk can also add some calories and nutrients.

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It’s important to be mindful of your ingredient choices and portion sizes if you’re watching your calorie intake. Overall, homemade iced coffee can be a healthier alternative to sugary store-bought coffee drinks if you choose your ingredients wisely.


1. Brew Coffee

To make iced coffee at home, the first thing you need to do is to brew your coffee. There are many ways to do this, including using a traditional brewing process, such as pour-over or French press, or using a coffee maker. You can also use instant coffee or espresso shots for a quick and easy recipe. Whatever method you choose, make sure you use good quality coffee beans or grounds and the right amount of water for a flavorful brew. 

Brew Coffee

2. Cool the Coffee

To make iced coffee at home, it’s important to cool the brewed coffee before adding ice. One easy way to do this is to transfer the hot coffee to a heat-safe container and let it sit at room temperature for about an hour. Alternatively, you can place the container of hot coffee in the refrigerator and allow it to cool for several hours. 

3. Serve Cooled Coffee Over Ice

To make iced coffee at home, after brewing and cooling the coffee, the next step is to serve it over ice. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the cooled coffee over the ice. Depending on your taste preferences, you can add sugar, cream, milk, or flavored syrup to your iced coffee. Stir the ingredients together and enjoy your homemade iced coffee. 

Serve Cooled Coffee Over Ice

4. Customize

Once you have your cooled coffee, the possibilities for customizing your iced coffee are endless. You can add milk or cream, sweeten it with sugar, honey, or flavored syrups, and even add ice cream for an indulgent treat. You can also experiment with different types of milk, such as almond or oat milk, to cater to different dietary needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your iced coffee and find the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients that suits your taste buds.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Instant Coffee?

1. Brew the Instant Coffee According to Package Instructions

To make iced coffee with instant coffee, the first step is to brew the instant coffee according to the package instructions. This usually involves boiling water and adding the instant coffee granules, stirring until they dissolve. 

Once the coffee is brewed, let it cool down to room temperature. From there, you can either add ice to the coffee to cool it down further or place it in the fridge to chill. Once the coffee is chilled, you can add milk, creamer, sugar, or any other flavorings to customize your iced coffee to your liking.

2. Cool the Instant Coffee

To make iced coffee with instant coffee, the next step after brewing the coffee is to cool it down. Once the instant coffee has been brewed according to package instructions, it’s important to let it cool to room temperature before pouring it over ice. This helps prevent the ice from melting too quickly and diluting the flavor of the coffee. If you’re in a hurry, you can cool the coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, but make sure it’s not too cold or it could cause the ice to melt even faster.

3. Serve Over Ice

To serve your instant coffee over ice, fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the cooled instant coffee over the top. You can customize your iced coffee by adding milk, creamer, or flavored syrup. You can also sweeten your coffee with sugar, honey, or a low-calorie sweetener. Stir well and enjoy your homemade iced coffee!

How To Make Keurig Iced Coffee?

To make Keurig iced coffee, you first need to select your preferred K-Cup coffee flavor and place it into the Keurig machine. Then, choose the smallest cup setting and run the machine, allowing it to brew directly into a cup filled with ice. After brewing, stir the coffee and ice together to ensure the coffee is cooled and the ice is melted. If desired, add additional ice or milk and sweeteners to customize the drink to your liking. 

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How To Make Keurig Iced Coffee

What’s The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Cold Brew?

Iced coffee and cold brew are both cold coffee drinks, but the main difference between the two is in how they are brewed. Iced coffee is made by brewing hot coffee with hot water, and then cooling it down by adding ice. 

On the other hand, cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, usually 12-24 hours. This results in a smoother, less acidic flavor profile compared to iced coffee. 


The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Cold Brew

Additionally, cold brew is typically stronger and less diluted than iced coffee, as it is not brewed with hot water which can cause the coffee to become watered down when cooled.

FAQs about How To Make Iced Coffee At Home?

Can I make iced coffee with hot coffee?

Yes, you can make iced coffee with hot coffee. Iced coffee is simply brewed hot coffee that has been cooled and then poured over ice. So, if you have hot coffee left over, you can cool it down and pour it over ice for a refreshing iced coffee. However, it’s important to note that the flavor may be slightly different from a traditional iced coffee that is brewed and cooled using cold water.

Can you just add ice to coffee to make iced coffee?

Simply adding ice to hot coffee won’t create iced coffee; it will dilute your drink and create a weaker coffee flavor. The correct way to make iced coffee is to brew hot coffee, let it cool down, and then pour it over ice. To prevent dilution, fill the glass full to the rim with ice and then pour the cooled coffee on top. This method will give you a refreshing and flavorful iced coffee.

How do you cool coffee fast for iced coffee?

The quickest way to cool coffee for iced coffee is by pouring it over ice. This will allow the coffee to cool down rapidly and evenly. Another method is to put the hot coffee in the fridge for a few minutes before pouring it over ice. However, make sure not to leave it in the fridge for too long, as this can result in a loss of flavor and aroma.

Can you put ice in hot coffee to make it cold?

Yes, you can put ice in hot coffee to make it cold. To do this, simply fill a cup with ice and pour the hot coffee over it. The ice will begin to melt and help cool the coffee down to room temperature. However, this method may also dilute the coffee, so be aware of that. Alternatively, you can cool the coffee first and then pour it over ice to avoid dilution.

Is iced coffee good for you?

Iced coffee can be a refreshing and enjoyable way to enjoy coffee, and it can also have health benefits. Coffee in general is rich in antioxidants, which can have positive effects on overall health. However, it’s important to be mindful of what you add to your iced coffee, as sugar and other additives can negate any potential health benefits. Opting for unsweetened or lightly sweetened versions can be a healthier choice.

How do you make cold coffee with cold water?

To make cold brew coffee with cold water, you can follow a simple process of brewing coffee without using heat or pressure. Firstly, grind your coffee beans and pour them into a jug. Then, fill the jug with cold water and stir the mixture. Let it sit for around 8 to 12 hours out of direct sunlight. Once the brewing is complete, strain the coffee and enjoy your refreshing cold brew. This process results in a smoother, less acidic coffee flavor and is a great option for those who prefer a milder taste.


Does Starbucks iced coffee have milk?

Starbucks’ iced coffee typically includes milk unless specified as “black” or “unsweetened.” The standard iced coffee at Starbucks is made with their signature Iced Coffee Blend and is sweetened with simple syrup before being topped with milk and served over ice. Customers can also customize their iced coffee by requesting different milk options, such as almond or coconut milk, or opting for no milk at all.

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Is iced coffee better with milk or water?

The choice of adding milk or water to iced coffee depends on personal preference. However, for a smooth texture, it is recommended to dissolve the coffee and sugar in warm water before diluting with more water and milk. Any type of milk can be added, such as regular milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, to give a creamy texture to the iced coffee.

Do you put ice or milk first in an iced coffee?

When making iced coffee, it’s generally recommended to add the ice first before pouring the coffee over it. This helps the coffee to cool down more quickly and prevents dilution. However, if you prefer to add milk or any other flavorings to your iced coffee, it’s best to add them after pouring the coffee over the ice. This allows you to adjust the flavor to your liking without affecting the temperature or dilution of the coffee.

What makes iced coffee taste better?

If you want to make your iced coffee taste better, one way is to use cold brew coffee instead of hot brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee has less acidity, which can make it smoother and less bitter. Another way to improve the taste is to use high-quality coffee beans and to experiment with different sweeteners or flavors such as vanilla or cinnamon. Finally, using filtered water can also improve the taste of your iced coffee by removing any impurities that may affect the flavor.

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Conclusion for How to Make Iced Coffee at Home?

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home is a simple and cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite summer drink. Whether you prefer cold brew, traditional brewing, or using instant coffee, there are many ways to create the perfect iced coffee recipe to suit your taste. With the right ingredients, brewing process, and a bit of patience, you can easily make a refreshing and delicious iced coffee drink at home. So, next time you’re craving an iced latte or frappé, give one of these methods a try. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and neighbors to spread the joy of homemade iced coffee!

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