How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Starbucks iced coffee at home is a question that many coffee lovers have asked themselves at one point or another. With its rich and complex flavor, Starbucks coffee has become a staple for caffeine lovers everywhere. However, the price tag on a Starbucks drink can be quite steep, and sometimes it’s just more convenient to make your own coffee drink at home. 

In this article, we‘ll show you how to make the perfect Starbucks iced coffee using simple ingredients such as milk, ice, vanilla syrup, and of course, espresso. Whether you prefer a sweet and creamy vanilla latte or a bold and intense cold brew, we’ve got you covered. So grab your favorite coffee cup and get ready to learn how to make a delicious Starbucks iced coffee that rivals anything you can order at the coffee shop!

Overview Of How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

The importance of iced coffee

Iced coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. Not only is it a refreshing and delicious way to cool down on a hot day, but it also offers numerous health benefits. Iced coffee contains antioxidants that can help fight inflammation and prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It also contains caffeine, which can improve alertness and mental performance, and has been linked to a reduced risk of depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Additionally, iced coffee is a great way to stay hydrated, and can be a healthier alternative to sugary beverages like soda and juice. Whether you prefer it black, with cream and sugar, or flavored with syrup, iced coffee is a tasty and beneficial addition to any day.

Overview Of How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

Starbucks’ iced coffee: what is the difference?

Starbucks’ iced coffee is a popular drink that many people enjoy, especially during the summer months. The main difference between Starbucks’ regular hot coffee and their iced coffee is the brewing method. Starbucks uses a special brewing process for their iced coffee that results in a smoother and less bitter taste than traditional hot coffee. Additionally, the iced coffee is served over ice, which helps to cool the drink and make it more refreshing. 

Starbucks also offers a variety of flavor options for their iced coffee, such as vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut, which can be added to enhance the taste. Overall, Starbucks’ iced coffee is a delicious and refreshing alternative to their regular hot coffee and is perfect for those who want a cool and satisfying drink on a hot day.

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Preparations To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee


To make a refreshing cup of Starbucks iced coffee at home, you’ll need a few essential pieces of equipment. Firstly, you’ll need a coffee maker or a French press to brew a strong pot of coffee. If you want to make cold-brew coffee, you’ll need a special cold-brew coffee maker or a mason jar. You’ll also need a measuring cup to ensure you’re adding the right amount of coffee and water.

Additionally, you’ll need a tall glass to serve your iced coffee in, along with a long spoon or stirrer to mix in any cream or sugar. If you prefer your coffee extra cold, you can add ice cubes or use a blender to create a blended iced coffee. With these basic equipment pieces, you can enjoy a delicious cup of Starbucks iced coffee from the comfort of your home.


You’ll also need to gather a few essential ingredients. First, you’ll need high-quality coffee beans or grounds, preferably medium or dark roast for a rich, bold flavor. You’ll also need cold water, which will be used to brew the coffee. Additionally, you’ll need some sweetener such as simple syrup, which can be made by combining equal parts of sugar and water until the sugar dissolves. Finally, you’ll need some milk or cream to add a creamy texture and enhance the flavor of your iced coffee. 

Preparations To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee At Home: Step-by-Step Guide

Brew the coffee

The first step is to brew a strong pot of coffee. You can use any type of coffee that you like, but it’s important to make it extra strong since it will be diluted by the ice. You can use a regular coffee maker, a French press, or even instant coffee. Just make sure to follow the instructions for the method you choose and brew a strong pot of coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, let it cool down to room temperature before adding any ice. This will prevent the ice from melting too quickly and diluting the coffee too much.

Cool the coffee and add ice

After brewing a fresh batch of coffee, the next step in making Starbucks-style iced coffee at home is to cool the coffee and add ice. You can achieve this by either letting the coffee sit at room temperature for a while or placing it in the refrigerator until it cools down to your desired temperature. It’s important to note that adding ice to hot coffee can result in a watered-down taste, so it’s best to cool the coffee before adding ice. 

Once the coffee is cooled, you can fill a glass with ice and pour the coffee over it. You may also choose to add milk or creamer at this stage, depending on your personal preference. This step is crucial in creating the perfect iced coffee, as it ensures that the coffee stays refreshing and delicious even in the hot summer months.

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Add milk or cream

Adding milk or cream is an important step in achieving the desired taste and texture. After brewing your coffee and allowing it to cool, you can add your preferred amount of milk or cream to the mixture. This not only adds a creamy flavor to the coffee but also helps to balance out the strong coffee taste. 

You can choose from a variety of milk options such as whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, or cream depending on your preference. Stir well until the milk or cream has mixed thoroughly with the coffee. 

Add sweetener (optional)

The next step is to add sweetener if desired. This step is entirely optional and depends on your personal preference. If you prefer your coffee to be sweet, you can add any sweetener of your choice, such as sugar, honey, or syrup. It’s important to note that some syrups may contain artificial flavors and colors, so it’s recommended to read the ingredients before purchasing. 

You can also use a plant-based sweetener like stevia or agave nectar for a healthier alternative. The amount of sweetener you add will depend on your taste preferences, so start with a small amount and add more as needed. Stir the sweetener into the iced coffee until it dissolves and enjoy your homemade Starbucks iced coffee.


Step 5 in making Starbucks iced coffee at home is to stir the mixture. After pouring the coffee over ice and adding the desired amount of milk and sweetener, it is important to give the drink a good stir. This helps to ensure that all of the ingredients are evenly distributed and that the flavors are fully incorporated. Stirring also helps to chill the drink more quickly and can help to create a smoother, more balanced taste. Be sure to use a long spoon or stir stick to reach the bottom of the glass and mix everything together thoroughly. Once the drink is stirred, it is ready to enjoy!

Make Starbucks Iced Coffee At Home

Tips and Tricks for Perfecting Your Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe

Choosing the right coffee beans or grounds

If you’re looking to perfect your Starbucks iced coffee recipe, one essential tip is to choose the right coffee beans or grounds. The type of coffee you use can significantly affect the taste and overall quality of your iced coffee. Starbucks offers a variety of coffee beans and grounds, each with its unique flavor profile, roast level, and origin. You can choose from light, medium, or dark roast, and experiment with blends or single-origin beans to find your preferred taste. 

Additionally, you can grind your coffee beans yourself for a fresher and more personalized taste. By selecting the right coffee beans or grounds, you can take your iced coffee recipe to the next level and enjoy a delicious, refreshing drink anytime.

Preparing the coffee in advance

Another useful tip is to prepare your coffee in advance. This means brewing a fresh pot of coffee and allowing it to cool before using it in your recipe. By doing this, you can ensure that your iced coffee won’t become diluted when you add ice to it since hot coffee can melt the ice quickly. Additionally, you can experiment with different coffee strengths and flavors by adjusting the number of coffee grounds used, or by adding spices or flavored syrups. Preparing your coffee in advance can also save you time in the morning, as you won’t have to wait for it to cool down before enjoying your refreshing iced coffee.

Using flavored syrups

Flavored syrups can add a delicious and unique taste to your coffee, allowing you to customize your drink according to your preferences. Popular syrup flavors include vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut, but there are many other options available. 

To use flavored syrups in your iced coffee, simply add a pump or two (depending on your desired sweetness) to your coffee before adding ice and any other additional ingredients, such as milk or cream. You can also experiment with different flavor combinations to create your own unique drink.

Adding whipped cream or toppings

If you’re looking to perfect your Starbucks iced coffee recipe, adding whipped cream or toppings can take your drink to the next level. Whipped cream can add a rich and creamy texture to your iced coffee, providing a delightful contrast to the cold and bold coffee flavors. T

o make whipped cream, simply whisk together heavy cream and sugar until it reaches a thick consistency. You can also add a splash of vanilla extract for an extra layer of flavor. Additionally, you can get creative with toppings like chocolate shavings, cinnamon, or caramel drizzle to add a touch of sweetness and visual appeal to your iced coffee. Don’t be afraid to experiment and customize your toppings to suit your taste preferences. Whether you’re enjoying your iced coffee as a treat or a special occasion, adding whipped cream or toppings can elevate your Starbucks-inspired creation to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Creating a customized recipe

Creating a customized recipe for your perfect Starbucks iced coffee can be a delightful experience. To begin, start with choosing your preferred coffee beans. Experiment with different blends and roasts to find the flavor profile that suits your taste buds. Next, consider the brewing method. Cold brew or pour-over methods are popular for iced coffee, as they result in a smooth and less acidic taste. Adjust the coffee-to-water ratio to achieve your desired strength. Don’t forget to sweeten to taste with sugar, syrup, or a sweetener of your choice.

starbucks Iced Coffee

To elevate the flavor, add a splash of vanilla or caramel syrup, or a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder. For a creamier texture, use milk, cream, or non-dairy alternatives. Experiment with different quantities to find the perfect balance. Lastly, don’t skimp on ice! The right amount of ice is crucial for the perfect iced coffee consistency. 

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FAQs About How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

What does Starbucks use for its iced coffee?

Starbucks uses the Terraza Blend for its traditional iced coffee. This blend is medium roasted, pre-ground, and pre-packed, and it is specifically crafted to be their signature blend for iced coffee. Additionally, Starbucks also uses their Kenya medium roast coffee, known for its well-balanced acidic flavor that becomes more pronounced when served cold, in their iced coffee offerings.

How cold coffee is made at Starbucks?

At Starbucks, cold coffee is made using a method called “cold brew.” It is handcrafted to be cold and refreshing. In this method, baristas combine cool water with coarse ground coffee and let it steep for 20 hours, resulting in a smooth and bold flavor. This process is known as cold brewing and is specifically designed for making iced coffee.

Why is Starbucks iced coffee so expensive?

Starbucks iced coffee may seem expensive due to a combination of factors such as packaging, machinery, and labor costs. The use of compostable plastic cups and straws, as well as the ice machine required, adds to the overall expense. Compostable plastic cups and straws are generally pricier than traditional coffee cups. These costs, along with other factors, contribute to the final price of Starbucks’ iced coffee.

What is in Starbucks cold foam?

Starbucks cold foam is a delightful addition to their beverages, and it’s made by blending nonfat milk without heat. This unique process creates a velvety texture and flavor that’s different from traditional foam made with cream. Cold foam is used to top your drink, giving it a creamy and frothy layer that enhances your sipping experience. According to Starbucks Stories & News, their cold foam is specifically made from cold, nonfat milk, making it a lighter option for those looking for a creamy topping without the addition of cream.

How much milk is in a Starbucks iced coffee?

The amount of milk in a Starbucks iced coffee varies depending on the size you order and whether you ask for dairy. If you request dairy, including heavy cream, a standard Venti iced coffee receives 3 ounces of dairy, while a Grande gets 2 ounces, and a Tall gets 1 ounce. The measurement of dairy is determined using the two lines in the middle of the cup.


What is the most expensive Starbucks drink?

The most expensive Starbucks drink on record is a grande latte that was purchased by a Florida man named William Lewis. This drink cost him a staggering $83.75 and included a whopping 99 extra shots of espresso, as well as 17 pumps each of vanilla syrup, mocha, and matcha powder. This incredible concoction set the record for the priciest Starbucks beverage ever ordered.

What milk does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses 2 percent milk as the default milk for their drinks. This means that unless you specify otherwise, you will be served a beverage made with 2 percent milk, not whole milk. This might come as a surprise, as many people assume that whole milk is used by default in coffee drinks. However, Starbucks has chosen to use 2 percent milk as their standard milk option.


What is cold coffee called at Starbucks?

At Starbucks, cold coffee is called “Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee.” It is a handcrafted beverage made in small batches daily, using a unique brewing process that involves slow-steeping the coffee grounds in cool water for 20 hours, without any heat applied. This results in a super-smooth flavor distinctively different from traditional iced coffee. The coffee used for Starbucks Cold Brew is a custom blend of beans that are specifically grown to steep long and cold, ensuring a high-quality and refreshing coffee experience.

Does Starbucks put sugar in its iced coffee?

Yes, Starbucks does put sugar in their iced coffee. Their standard iced coffee is made with freshly brewed Starbucks® Iced Coffee Blend, which is lightly sweetened, resulting in a beverage that contains 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar per serving when served over ice.


Conclusion For How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee

In conclusion, learning how to make Starbucks iced coffee at home is a fun and cost-effective way to enjoy this refreshing beverage. With just a few simple steps and ingredients, you can create your own customized iced coffee that rivals the taste of Starbucks. Whether you prefer a classic iced coffee, an iced mocha, or a flavored variation, you can experiment with different combinations until you find your perfect cup of iced coffee.

By making Starbucks iced coffee at home, you not only save money, but also have the freedom to adjust the strength, sweetness, and flavor to your liking. You can also experiment with different brewing methods, coffee beans, and toppings to create your own unique twist on this popular drink.

So why not give it a try? Follow the step-by-step guide in this blog post to make your own delicious Starbucks-style iced coffee at home. You’ll impress your friends and family with your barista skills, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to enjoy your favorite iced coffee anytime, anywhere.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and neighbors who also love Starbucks iced coffee. They’ll appreciate the tips and tricks you’ve learned, and you can all enjoy homemade iced coffee together. Cheers to enjoying Starbucks-style iced coffee from the comfort of your own home!

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