Le Dépanneur Café offers a healthy and varied menu that gives pride of place to fresh, local products. We make it our duty to concoct everything, from A to Z: entirely homemade food is our pride! Our specialties:


Our coffee is the best! We prepare it with love and delicacy so that all the aromas and flavors make you smile with satisfaction from the first sip. We use Italian Lavazza coffee which naturally has a large “crema” which gives it a delicious caramelized aroma.

Specialty drinks (in season)

In addition to our delicious espresso, we serve completely original and surprising specialty iced coffees. Add to that smoothie, fresh juices, smoothies, and refreshing cocktails that take you to exotic lands… Come freeze your strawberries!

The Grilled Cheese

Forget the white bread with the slice of orange cheese… Le Dépanneur Café is putting grilled cheese back in gastronomy! We have eight varieties, each with more evocative names: “Le Débile Emmenthal”, “Le Corrimangue”, “Le Gazpésia”, “Le Caprice”, and “Le Gamin”… Come and discover them in person!


The first meal of the day should be nutritious and healthy. This is why the breakfasts at the Dépanneur Café are hearty and always accompanied by a mountain of fresh fruit. The hardest part isn’t getting out of bed, it’s choosing what to eat between eggs, omelets, pancakes, and everything else!


Our counter is full of little homemade sweets according to family recipes that have been tried and tested by generations! Come and get yourself banana bread, a date square, cookies or even a piece of chocolate cake of the size you want!

For takeout

Note that all items on our menu can be packed and taken away. We slip this into a brown paper bag and presto!